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Planned Matings 2024

It is now possible to book a puppy from your litter of choice and all you have to do is add the names of your preferred combination on your application form, under  the section, "Tell us a bit about yourself and what you are looking for in a Boerboel."

Sanaa x Hitchcock

This combination has been in the making for close to three years. Hitchcock ans Sanaa are both tall dogs, and we are looking to add Sanaa's volume to Hitchcock's Athletic frame. Definitely one to look for

Apprx: September 2024


Misty Rain x Simba

Misty is a proven female. She produces pups with a good sized head. She is a special girl and we have decided to put her to a special boy in Elevation Simba. This breeding is definitely one to look out for. 

Apprx: September 2024


Bella x Buster

Originally pegged to breed with Simba, we have choosen to breed Bella to CDH Buster. This will be a corrective breeding between two stella dogs. We will be doubling down on structure and function.

Apprx: June 2024

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